Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Homo for the Holidays

My flight was only an hour late and I landed in the middle of a pretty decent snow storm. Took at cab home since it was probably not a good idea for the rentals to drive in that weather. My sister and her family are here already. They all look good. I think LA suits them pretty well.

My top 5 goals for this holiday vacation:

1) Do not kill my parents.
2) Do not gain any weight.
3) Do not kill my parents.
4) Go to the gym every day (except Christmas)
5) Hmm, let's see, there's something I'm missing . . . . . oh that's right, not to kill my parents.

I love my parents. Don't get my wrong. But I'm not out to my Dad and he's a die hard, hard core conservative. So we've got lots of stuff for us to talk about. And while I'm out to my Mom, she's still not very comfortable with it. So we just won't talk about my personal life at all. Am I the only one who sees the big elephant in the room?

But this is how my family works, or doens't as the case may be. We don't talk about the important things. Health, feelings, sex, are all taboo subjects. Work, weather, books are all okay. So weird.

More from white bread central, I mean Colorado, later.


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