Saturday, April 01, 2006

White is the new Black . . . and other problems

So white is the new black. On the plane ride back from San Diego I caught up on my required homo fashion reading and apparently white is IN. And let me tell you, from my little stroll through the circle on Friday afternoon, I have to agree. Every other gay guy I saw was wearing white. Which pretty much sucks for me. White is not a flattering color on me. White makes whatever body part bigger. So it you have a larger upper body (I'm *not* saying a big ole gut), it will make it look bigger. And if you have a larger lower body (and I'm *not* saying a big fat ass), it will make it look bigger. Oh, and like everything else in the gay fashion world, it must be worn skin tight. So think of it as white sausage casing. Sounds sexy, doesn't it?

I discussed this problem with Mr. No Karma and he told me not to sweat it. White's really not in till after labor day and by then pink will be the new black. Again.

After a nice little jaunt around town enjoying my day off, I got a call from Greek Boy. He asked me if I had seen my car recently. Hmm, that's a bad way to start a conversation. He told me to go check it out. And I did. It seems someone had smashed in my windshield. I just sort of stood there dumbstruck for awhile. No damage to the car to the left of me. And no other damage to my car. I thought it was a baseball bat. But when the guy came to replace the windhshield today, he thought it was a brick. There was a little bit of red residue in the shattered glass that matches that color of brick. The odd thing is that whoever did it must have picked the brick up and put it someplace. Unfortunately I know where they got the brick. There's a slightly crazy lady in the next building who has a whole stack of red bricks in her yard. So I'm guessing it was just someone drunk/stupid/mean. Or all of the above.

It looks like I'll be traveling to Paris a lot in the next couple of years. My sister finally got her orders and she's going to be stationed in Paris. I can't wait. I love Paris and this will be a great excuse to go. So that's cool.


At 7:39 PM, Blogger Jillian said...

GREAT news about your sister getting approval for Paris! BUMMER about the windshield..


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