Friday, July 07, 2006

It's Official: I'm a light weight

And I don't mean pounds, I mean alcohol. It's not quite 10PM on a Friday night and I've had 4 drinks and I'm pretty hammered. Caution: Drunk Blogging Begins.

The thing about Titan on Friday night is that it invariable is more bear, than muscle when it comes to happy hour. And I'm okay with that. "I'll start my diet tomorrow!" But in the mean time, I'm surrounded by hot, hair, and big men. Which is sometimes good, and sometimes bad. I did see a couple of folks I know. Or have read about. But the problem (or maybe the good thing) is that I know when I need to stop. I know when that fun little buzz is just couple of drinks away from praying to the procelein god all night. So I walked away. From the fun, from the men, to . . . . .

Whole Foods. Yes, in my judgement impaired state I hit Whole Foods at 945PM. Just in time to get something not quite good for me. Oh, I got the it food of the moment. I'll use it to replace the very carb heavy breakfasts from my Diet2Go plan. And thankfully they only had blueberry, so I got a couple. And at $2.59 per container, I think there are some high power drinks, or even drugs, that are cheaper than that. This stuff better be good or I'll be pissed. But in an obvious attempt to sabotage any diet effort, I also got the Black Forrest Parfait. It's DELICIOUS! And so much better than the sex I wasn't going to get anyways. ; )

Apparently I can't even troll for sex anymore. Apparently there are all these rules now. What a bummer. So I think I'm just going to curl up with my parfait and Battlestar Galactica (how butch is that!) and just drift off to sleep.

To paraphrase Hemingway, "Ask not for whom the gym calls, it calls to thee!"

Night all. Sweet dreams!


At 6:43 PM, Blogger Double-A Ron said...

Ok so...once...I got drunk off cherry Halo......and stumbled through Whole Foods for dog food, bread, and chicken.

It was quite an attractive sight...... *cough*


(Good thing I still have that old blogger ID or I wouldn't be able to admit to this silliness..)


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