Monday, March 31, 2008

Key West Lemonades, Hotties, and Hillary

So I threw a little soirée for Museum Man on Saturday night. A good mix of people, and very fun. But a bit of a larger crowd that I'm used to. MM is definitely an extrovert and he's been making friends here quite quickly, so he invited quite a few people plus I had my usual gang of suspects. So Saturday afternoon I'm running around trying to get everything ready and I know I need to make a liquor run. Well I do a quick inventory and I figure I need some vodka. Absolut Ruby Red to be precise so I can make some Key West Lemonades for the party. So I buy a couple of bottles. I also buy some beer. Like 2 twelve packs. Well my friends arrive and I get two additional bottles.
And people are drinking and it's all good. Except that only one person had a SINGLE beer. In the meantime, we are chugging down the vodka. We went through 6 bottles. The gays do love their vodka. I think I need to invite some of the straight guys from my company for a party so they can drink the beer. Otherwise it will just sit there in my fridge.

Well, as I mentioned, MM has been meeting some new people in town. Well he actually ran into an old friend, a USNA alumni who lives in the g-hood. So he invited him to the party. Now, I like to think of my friends as relatively good looking. We're in pretty decent shape, smartly dressed if not necessarily label queens. We've got normal jobs and live normal lives and I like to think we are on the right side of the bell curve when it comes to looks in DC. Anyways, MM's friend shows up, with another friend, and we are talking serious hotties. Like porn star hot. MM's friend (H1) had biceps the size of a cantaloupe! And you know I'm a sucker for biceps. Trim, with some good salt and pepper hair, just overally yummy. And his friend (H2) was even more hot. Brazilian. Chest like you wouldn't believe, even bigger biceps. And of course both are dressed in the gay uniform: ultra tight black t-shirt that accentuates the chest and biceps, and really tight jeans. To be honest, it was a little depressing to see all of that hotness up close and in my apartment. I'll start my diet tomorrow. Despite their exceptional good looks, they were actually pretty nice. Who knows, maybe I'll run into them again some day.

Hillary. What do you do with a problem like Hillary? Well I actually went to her website and asked her to post her tax returns!! But I digress. So I'm blog surfing during lunch and I find this little bit of trivia:

"Among the debts reported this month by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s struggling presidential campaign, the $292,000 in unpaid health insurance premiums for her campaign staff stands out."

Um. . . . . . Ouch!

And speaking of ouch: Slate (which I need to read more often) has started it's Hillary Deathwatch meter. It's actually the deathwatch of her campaign. But still it's funny. Or would be if it weren't so true.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Round Up!

Busy week.

First of all, a flash back to last weekend. So Saturday night I kind of nested at home and ended up watching The Parent Trap and then Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The originals, natch! Loved them. And seriously, you couldn't ask for better "comfort" movies than then. So Sunday morning, I get up and I start to do chores and I turn on the TV and what is playing? House of Wax! AT EIGHT AM ON EASTER!!!! Seriously, House of Wax playing on a Saturday night, say after 10PM, sure, I buy it. But this crappy, but still very bloody movie playing at 8 AM on Easter? Did FX just assume that all of the children would be out looking for eggs and not casually flipping channels when the one girls' finger is snapped off? Yeah, nice.

Road trip again. This time down to Patuxent River. A much easier drive than No-f%ck. Rolling country side and little traffic down into southern Maryland. As I approached Pax River, I drove through some nice shoreline neighborhoods that had some really nice houses, docks, boats, etc. And I was like, hmm, it's nice here. I could see me living down here. Well I met up with the person I was there to meet, he asked about my drive down, and I said it was okay and that I really liked it down here. And he responded sharply, "That's because you don't live here!" He quickly told me that there was NOTHING to do down there. And after he said it, I was like, yeah, that's probably true. Plus it's definitely not homo friendly, with all of the SMIBs running around. SMIBs = Southern Maryland In-Breds.

I'm off to Paris again in May! I'm totally psyched. Some frequent flier seats opened up on United and I jumped on them. The Doppelganger will still be in the states, but he'll be in Minnesota visiting family and friends. So that works! It will be great to visit my sister, BNL, niece and nephew!

Went to go see "All That I Ever Will Be" last night. It's by the guy who wrote Six Feet Under. It was good. And there was some nice gratuitous nudity. But it was a little bit dark. Now, again the main actor had a hot bod, and we pretty much saw ALL of it. But I really wasn't into him. The actor played the character as very fey. So while I appreciate the muscles, butch it up a bit dude!

And while it's great to have the Studio Theatre in the neighborhood, I've got one small problem with them. See I bought a couple of subscriptions for two years when I first moved to DC and while all of the plays were good, they were all DEPRESSING. Seriously, after some of the modern Russian plays, I was like, where's the razor blade? And of course once you have a subscription, and then don't renew, they hound you incessantly. And I finally just came clean to the guy, "Look. Your plays are depressing! I'm looking for something a little bit more light and fun. The world is depressing enough as it is." Right?


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Love Comes Back!

Happy Easter to everyone! Today the Lord is Risen!!

I'm sure some will find this an odd post, but it is what it is.

I didn't give up anything for Lent. My will power is not good. I travel a lot and trying to give up chocolate, meat, etc just didn't seem practical, and let's be honest, my track record in the past for "giving things up" for Lent hasn't been good. So this Lent I decided to try to do something a bit more proactive. And so I decided that I would go to church every Friday evening (when I was in DC) and attend the Stations of the Cross at St. Thomas'. So for every Friday in Lent (save one), I was one of the very few people who attended this service. Who chanted as we made our way around the church and listened to the last day and last words of Jesus Christ. And it was an interesting time for me to sit and listen, to think, and just meditate on God, Jesus, and the church in general.

Today I attended St. Thomas as usual, but I was an usher. And it was a busy day to be an usher. It was standing room only and we had our hands full with helping out with the collection, guiding people to communion, etc. So busy in fact that I didn't really get a chance to listen to the service, or enjoy it. Or even think about it much.

But I got home and as I am wont to do, I started with my blog roll. Those blogs that I go to all the time. The political ones (Americablog, Andrew Sullivan, etc), the personal ones (Jimbo, Joe.My.God), and then the religious blogs. And yes I read religious blogs. I usually turn to Father Jake's to get the latest on "As the Anglican World Turns" (and what a soap opera it has been lately), but this week he's offered up pieces of scriptures for Holy Week. Different pieces and asks his readers to read the scripture, to say it out loud, and to try to reach out to the piece, the word, the phrase that means something to you.

Today's scripture focused on Mary Magdalene, coming to the tomb after Jesus is buried, and discovering that his body is gone. Mary is consumed by grief and then Jesus appears before her (though she doesn't recognize him at first) and asks her why she is crying. Jesus so loved Mary, and the other disciples as well, that even after his death he came back to them to succor them. And while the scripture talks about how Jesus came back, somehow in my mind I had translated it to "Love Comes Back." And it made me think that even in our darkest hours, even when we've given up hope, that we will not be abandoned and left alone to perish. Loves Comes Back. That really is the Good News of the Lord!

The Lord is Risen. Alleluia, Alleluia.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

No-f%ck x 2

So No-f&ck is my nickname for Norfolk. I've had to go down there several times over the years and I just never like it. Hence the not so nice nickname. And I had to go down there twice this week. Well technically it wasn't Norfolk, it was Suffolk and VA Beach. But still, it's the No-F&ck area. And both trips were day trips. The Suffolk trip was just over 3 hours, ONE WAY. The VA Beach trip was around 4 hours, ONE way. So yes I've had some quality car time this week.

On Monday when I went down to Suffolk, mapquest sent me a different way than usual, and I figured, sure why not. I ended up on a two lane state highway that was actually not bad. The speed changed several times on the road so that helped me stay awake, and we are talking RURAL SOUTHERN VIRGINIA. Kind of sad and scary.

But I did find my new favorite town. Though "town" might be a stretch. Maybe a village. Or a small collection of buildings? It was called Disputanta. For some reason, I just love that name. It sounds kind of snobby, "Oh, I'm from Disputanta Virginia." Okay, I'm weird, but I do love it.

So I've been battling a bit of a funk lately. Not really happy on a number of different fronts. And my vacation didn't really rejuvenate me at all. I'm starting to have dreams where I just say "F&ck it!" and walk away. But with the economy in a nose dive, now's not the time to do anything foolish. I'll do the responsible thing, like I always do, and just suck it up. This funky mood will pass. Maybe I'm worried about the doppelganger coming to visit. He arrives on the 4th. Don't know.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If it weren't for bad luck

Well let's see. Sure the cruise was nice. Sure it was full of hot men. Sure I get sick after about day 3. Yep, it started with the tell tale sore throat and built up to a full cold with aches and pains thrown in. And then on the last three days, we had 16-20 ft waves and winds gusting to 50 mph. And having a cabin in the front of the ship meant we got the up and down as well as the side to side movement. I didn't really get sea sick, more I just wasn't really able to rest at all those last couple of days. So a fun meter, I'd have to give this vacation a solid 3.

Pics coming soon.