Sunday, March 08, 2009

L is for . . . . .

Laptop. Yes, I’ve brought my laptop on my cruise. So that means that L is also for . . . .

Loser. Yes, I am a loser. This is the first time I’ve brought my laptop on a cruise, but there’s just a ton of stuff going on at work and we are seriously undermanned, so I just can’t disappear for a week. Sad but true. But, looking on the bright side, L is also for . . . . . .

Live Blogging! Yes, I’ll actually be live blogging the cruise! So instead of a trip report after the cruise, I’ll be able to post while we are actually underway.

So let the live blogging get underway . . . . . . .

So let’s see, I got up at the crack of dawn (doubly harsh due to the time change) to catch the flight down to Fort Lauderdale. I actually did some work on the plane (see the "L is for loser" comment above). I saw some of the other gays and we caught a shuttle to the Celebrity Solstice. There was no line for checking in (amazingly enough), but the ship wasn’t ready yet, so we cooled our heels waiting in the ship terminal. And that’s when I began to take in the scenery that would be joining me on the cruise. Umm, yum!

Got on the ship and went to my stateroom. It was nice, very nice. Actually everything about the ship was very nice. I checked out the topside areas, including the Solstice deck which had little cabanas and resting beds. The solarium. The pool deck. All, just very, very nice. After lunch I continued exploring and found the martini bar so I had to sample a beverage. Deeeelicious! But then it was back up to the pool deck to get a little sun and just veg a bit.

After the emergency life boat, I climbed up to the spa to get my reservations in. I really wanted to get a message when we are in Labadee, but they were already booked up. But I’m still on for a hot stone massage the morning after the White Party. After the spa trip, it was back to the pool deck for another adult refreshment and I sort of wandered around for a bit. Seeing all of the perfect bodies, my body dismorphia issues are running rampant. Must go to the gym NOW, NOW, NOW!! Oh, and the gym is really nice and I’ll probably go tomorrow. Anyways, I think I’m squarely in the middle of the hotness bell curve. Atleast I like to think I’m squarely in the middle.

After drowning my emotions with alcohol (okay, I had 2 drinks, big deal), I grabbed a bit to eat and headed down to see Kimberly Locke perform. She’s a former American Idol contestant and I’ve got a couple of her songs (the dance remixes atleast) and so I was looking forward to the show. OMG! She was totally amazing. What a great voice and a great performance! And she sang some of the songs I have, in their original, slow, non-dance remix, version, and she just killed! And she’s funny to boot. I guess she did an Atlantis cruise last year and she’s like, “Look, I don’t ever want to see another vodka drink, or another hot guy in a speedo walk by who I’m never going to sleep with!” Just too funny.

Here's one of the songs she sang:

So a good day, with a slight exception which brings me back to the letter L.

L is for Lawyer X. I miss him and wish he was here. I’ll still manage to have fun without him, but . . .

More tomorrow!



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