Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Folsom Weekend 2005

I have a good friend who lives in San Francisco and he's been wanting me to come out, so I figured I would go out for a long weekend and thought I would time it with the Folsom Street Fair, the west coast premier leather event. I had only heard tales of the strange, and hot, weekend from other guys and I figured I would go out and check it out for myself.

Here are some highlights:

- It was about 1130PM when we climbed out of the BART station coming from SFO when we turned the corner and promptly saw some bum pissing in a doorway of a downtown building. Nice. Welcome to SF.
- Lunch at the SF Museum of Modern Art cafe where, while sitting there eating and chatting and have a gay ole time, I noticed not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4, FOUR, big burly hot men in line at the ticket office for SFMOMA. They were obviously in town for the weekend. But they get serious bonus points for going to the MOMA on a leather weekend. Needless to say J and I scarfed our food so we could stalk them through the museum. It turns out they were not from the US as they were speaking a language I couldn't follow (which only ups the hotness factor), but they were obviously paired. I really hate the Ken & Ken thing. It so works against me. Anyways, the museum was nice but some of the stuff was a bit out there for me. A room that had letters of the alphabet kind of scattered on the wall. Yeah, I don't get it.
- Dinner in the Castro at this diner called the Baghdad Cafe. Kind of cool and we had a table at the window so it was great people watching.
- Going to the Eagle Friday night which was hosting an art auction for one of the AIDS organizations in SF. It was a very interesting crowd. The muscle boys, the old school leather types, the twinks, some military looking, some rubber types, etc. There was one guy in a full silk mask, a velour skin tight shirt over his huge chest and very nice biceps, and then black and white horizontal stripes tights. And over the velour shirt were nipple clamps and a metal chain between them. Hmm, how interesting. Needless to say he was getting more attention than me.
- Getting a sneak preview of the new deYoung museum in SF. It's absolutely amazing. The building is wrapped in perforated copper. It's got a interesting shape that kind of flows into the Golden Gate park which is where it is located. J works there, so he took us on a little tour. The formal opening is in mid October, so some of the galleries were still being set up. It was very cool. Some of the pics are from the deYoung.
- Getting tickets from a friend of a friend of a friend of J's to a private party on Saturday night hosted by Raging Stallion Productions, the porn company. Talk about surreal. Porn stars walking about. Very hot men, in leather, everywhere. Chi Chi LaRue (a famous drag queen porn star producer) was the DJ. The music was good. The liquor was flowing. And it was just unbelievably hot. You hear about parties like this but never expect to go to them. OMG it was just unreal. It was a mistake to leave it when we did. The other dance party we went to was lame.
- Going to the Folsum Street Fair on Sunday. While it is mainly gay, there were so many straight people (with kids no less!). And while there was plenty of nudity, I saw more breasts than dicks. And people, just because you can walk around naked, doesn't mean you should. Though there were a couple of guys who were walking around naked who were casting an awful long shadow if you know what I mean. The different porn companies had booths. Lots of AIDs awareness and support groups. Lots of BDSM booths. Really, if you buy your own personal stockade, do you put that in the living room? And everytime I saw someone getting spanked, it was a woman. So just an interesting time. It was hot and sunny and I have some interesting tan lines. ; )

On the plane back, I was looking at the United inflight magazine which does these "3 Days in X" type stories. So I came up with my own for Three Perfect Days in San Francisco (preferably with my future husband).

We arrive Thursday night and have a romantic dinner downtown some place nice. It's an early night for us.
Friday: We hit the wine country. Napa, Sonoma. Via limo of course so we can drink and have a good time. Friday night we hit some of the bars in the Castro.
Saturday: We hit not only the SF MOMA, but the deYoung, and then spend the rest of the afternoon in the Golden Gate Park. After a disco nap, it's time to party and dance.
Sunday: Brunch (of course) and then we slip into our leather attire and wander the Folsom Street Fair together where people stop us to take our pictures since we're so hot. Then after the fair, we hit the Eagle for the Sunday afternoon beer bash. Then it's time to go back to the hotel, change, and head to the airport to catch the red eye back to DC.

Hey, it's my fantasy. Don't spoil it for me.


At 2:11 PM, Blogger d.K. said...

Wow. Sounds like a great time! I've only been to SF once and that was years ago... I'll have to check into one of those 3-day trips from the inflight magazine as well ;-)


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