Monday, September 12, 2005

Trip Report

Yes, I do a trip report after each major adventure. It's kind of a way to capture the feeling and excitement the trip and it helps me better remember the trips this way.

Anyways, here's my trip report for Biking The San Juan Islands.

And some more pics from Seattle and the islands:

Flowers at Pike Place Market

Similk Bay on Fidalgo Island.

And me on Orcas Island.

You can read more about my various travels at my
website (which I know sucks and needs to be updated, but I barely have time for blogging!). So deal.


At 9:18 PM, Blogger d.K. said...

Wow, awesome pics.
My father is about the same age as yours, but he essentially let himself go after retirement, such that he has trouble walking from the house to the car now. This has enfuriated my mom and other family members too, because it was entirely self-inflicted and avoidable.

You're so lucky your father works to maintain his physical health. I know he's happy about it and you obviously are too.

Also, very cool that you take that kind of time to spend with the old man on these unbelievable events that you'll remember all your life. Good on ya!

BTW, I checked out your website - not bad at all; what are you talking about? :)


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