Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wheel Watching

I got stuck with a poorly placed elliptical machine tonight and my viewing options was either Faux News or Wheel of Fortune. There was some Navy guy on WoF, so I ended up watching it and I realized two things. First, the puzzles seem easier to me for some reason. Not sure why, but they do. Secondly, Vanna White has the easiest job in television. I remember when she actually had to TURN the little square to see what the letter was. Now it changes color & shows the letter when she taps it! TAPS IT! How lame is that?

The hottie quotient at my gym is higher in the afternoon than in the morning. The morning folk are all serious and intent. If you've waken up at 5AM to be at the gym at 0530, you're pretty serious about your work out. There's no lolly-gagging, no social chit chat. You come in, you work it, and then you leave. In the afternoon, it's just got a whole different feel to it. It's more social. And slow. That being said, there are alot more hot guys walking around in the afternoon. So it's a bit more distracting. And apparently two of the young guys who work at my company go there at night. Cute, but not my type.

So yes, I've been pulling 2-a-day gym visits. I need to really need to kick the Fit By 40 program into high gear. I saw so many hotties on the cruise and I was there like a small whale. Must change.

Another pic of my imaginary boyfriend. And I am not obsessing!


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