Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

What a strange, interesting, fun, and nauseating weekend I had.

Friday night I went to church. Yep, church. Bishop Robinson from NH was in town and was speaking at my church so I decided to go and listen. I'm glad I did. He gave us some background and interesting highlights from the General Convention and his thoughts on all of the various machinations. He was warm, funny, smart, and just what you would want in a bishop I think. He did talk about how in the early days that gays and lesbians who were active, i.e. not celebite, were known in the chuch as "practicing gays." Everytime he said it, I wanted to laugh. "Practicing gays." Practicing for what? But let's just leave that. I did get tired of hearing the phrase, "gay men and lesbian women in loving, committed, and monogomous relationships." That's ten words instead of one: "married." Yikes. We talked about the potential schism in the church, and B033 which basically said that the Episcopal Church won't elect, nominate, etc any GLBT clergy. He talked about lifelong, out, GLBT members of the church voting for the bill while tears streamed down their faces becuase they felt they had to do this in order for our church to stay "in conversation" with the greater Anglican Community. His speech was sad, heartwrenching, funny, interesting, and hopeful. Yes hopeful.

As I walked back home, I kept thinking about the compromises we make everyday. Some of my friends want me to not be so invested/involved/not sure what the right word is with my parents. They say it out of love for me, and I appreciate their intentions. But I guess I'm willing to make some compromises to stay "in conversation" with my parents. I do think it's worth it, but I'm not going to stop living my life, or letting them know about my life and how I want them to be a part of it. I know eventually our conversation will be free flowing and loving. How do I know? Because I have faith.

Okay, enough deep stuff. On Saturday I went to my company picnic at King's Dominion. It was fun, but I kind of over did it. We hit 5 rollercoasters before lunch (including the free fall drop tower thing). When I got off the last rollercoaster, I was done. And we were just going to lunch. I ate, but it didn't really help my stomach and it was just brutally hot. So after lunch I kept trying to find cool places to hang out. I was just not feeling well at all. And there's nothing like being nauseous and hot. It was just not good.

Now, I haven't been to King's Dominion in a while and it was packed. Packed with all sorts of . . . well let's be charitable and say . . interesting people. What is the red neck version of Ebonics? I heard a lot of that, and a lot of ebonics. And apparently the urban gangsta look has made it's way to the Richmond area. Yikes, so unattractive. Though I will say that I did see a couple of thug boys who were kind of hot in a rough trade kind of way.

I didn't get home till almost 730PM and I immediately went to bed. I missed the closing night of Nation, but I was just still feeling really poorly. So I laid in bed with the fan on me and cranked the AC and just sort of vegged for a bit. When I woke up this AM, I almost felt human.

Anyways, today it was church, chores, laid out at the pool for a bit, and Greek Boy and I went to go see Dead Man's Chest. It was good, I liked it. Perfect summer escapist fare.

I'm off to Boston tomorrow for work and then a long weekend in Ptown. YEAH!


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