Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Make the Beat Go Boom Papi!

I was rockin out at the gym tonight listening to some of the music I got in Ptown and realized that I Make the Beat Go Boom, Papi!

Deep in the diskoteca
The beats can make you wetta
I have the sex you want
I have the sex you flaunt

I rock my body hard.
In this place to be
I make it hot, dirty, sexy,
can you please me?

I make the beat go boom, papi
I make the beat go boom.

It has this typical european, perma dance beat going and it was just so funny. And of course once I got the words in my head, I couldn't stop. "I make the beat go BOOM papi, I make the beat go boom!"

OMG, I just found the video on YouTube. Enjoy!


At 12:20 PM, Blogger the Alpha John said...

Song is Discoteka by Starkillers . Danceblogga just wrote about it earlier this week. Not my favorite house track, but it's got a little staying power.


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