Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hurry Up and Wait

Arrive at Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris France. Local Time 550AM.
- Wait in line to get boarding pass.
- Wait in line to go through passport control.
- Wait in line to check baggage.
- Wait in line to go through security.
- Wait to board plane to Zurich.
- Plane departs at 8AM local time.

Arrive Zurich Airport at 910AM local time.
- Wander through shopping area to kill time.
- Look at insanely expensive clothes.
- Wait for train to go to the E Terminal.
- Wait in line for check in for flight to IAD.
- Wait in line for additional security check.
- Wait to board plane to DC.
- Plane departs at 1145 local time.

Arrive IAD, Washington DC at 300PM local time.
- Wait for arrival gate to be available.
- Exit the plane and trek through the narrow arrival corridors.
- Wait for mobile lounges to take us to passport control.
- Wait in line at pass port control.
- Wait for luggage to arrive.
- Wait in line for customs inspection.
- Exit Dulles Airport.

Greekboy picked me up and brought me home.

So what did you do today?

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