Saturday, October 08, 2005

Friday Night

I haven't been out with my friend H in awhile so Friday night we hit the town. In the pouring rain. Which probably should have dampened our moods, or the crowds, but it didn't.

Our first stop was Titan for the Bear Happy Hour. It was packed, but I kept getting dripped on and wondered WTF until the DJ made the comment that yes the roof leaks. Nice. But still it was fun. More bears than muscle, but still fun. After one cheap beer, H and I headed over to Halo.

Halo was jamming, but not packed. As usual, I missed the memo that the bold colorful stripe shirts are in. We must have seen 20 or 30 guys wearing them. However, atleast they were different. We saw three different guys wearing the same t-shirt which says "P is for Porn". Quelle horror! To be seen wearing the same shirt at a gay bar? I'm surprised they just didn't run away in tears. And none of them were porn star material as I noted to H. Which then lead to this awful conversation. In San Francisco, when I was actually at a porn party, my friend and I were thinking of using the "Are you a porn star? Well you should be!" line. But we never did. We weren't that bold/drunk. Here, I wanted to take a different tact. Go up to one of the guys in the "P is for Porn" t-shirts and ask: "Are you a porn star?". And then when they say no, I'd reply: "Yeah, I didn't think so." And then just walk away. And yes I know that's pretty harsh, but I was feeling no pain after the mojitos.


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