Monday, May 22, 2006

If it's Monday it must be . . . .

Palo Alto. Yep, I'm out on the west coast for a whirl wind trip.

So, Sunday AM I get up early and drive Dad to National. Final words at the airport. Me: "I love you." Him: "Take care of yourself." Nice, but not the same.

Drive to Dulles. I take my time as I've got tons of time before my flight. So glad I got there early. There is a line of 30 people to use the no checked luggage/carry-on only kiosks! Are you kidding me? And apparently they've changed so you can use them for international flights and there's some extra process you need to do to get your passport info entered properly. Agh! Then the line for security is insane. The worst I've ever seen. And I'm standing in line listening to everyone bitch and someone asks what the deal is. And another person goes, "College graduation weekend." And he's right. I think Gtown, GW, and GMU all had their graduation this past week/weekend. So now everyone's trying to head out. It took me 90 minutes to check in and get through security. That's not even taking into account taking the little mobile lounge things over to the terminal and then walking to the farthest gate. I was fine with my departure, but I think alot of people got screwed.

The flights were okay. Air travel certainly has lost it's glamour, hasn't it? I still look forward to the flights. The chance to escape my current life. The idea of going somewhere else where no one knows you and you have the opportunity to BE someone different. It's all a little mind game since you're the same you no matter where you go (~ish), but it's still appealing. Somehow I got economy plus on the Chicago-San Fran flight, so I was stoked. Saw King Kong on the flight. On a little bitty tiny screen abour 10 feet away. Hmm, not so much. Plus I was neck deep in my Greek Islands book planning Trey's Big Greek Adventure. I'm so psyched! I can't wait.

Land in SFO and it's overcast, cold, and rainy. And I'm in shorts. Oh well. The drive down to Palo Alto was okay. The hotel is nice. And hosting several college mens tennis teams. HELLO HOTTIES! And I've never felt so short and fat. Oh well.

Training today at the Google HQ should be fun/interesting. Really looking forward to that.


At 3:47 PM, Blogger Chris said...

If you need recommendations of what to see and where to eat, please recall that bf and I lived there for 10 years between the two of us. Shiok is a great place in Menlo Park. I also like Plutos on University in PA.


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