Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Quotes and more

I saw/heard two great quotes today.

1. "I thought it would be interesting for us to just spend a minute to think about what a billion is," he proposed. "A billion minutes ago, Jesus was alive . . . A billion days ago, no one walked on Earth on two feet." But, he added, "A billion dollars ago was only eight hours and 20 minutes at the rate we're spending money in the federal government." Republican Senator Robert Coburn of Oklahoma. He must have missed the memo where they decided to drop the whole fiscal responsibility from the party platform. A billion dollars in just 8 hours and 20 minutes. Isn't that just insane?

2. "Love is as love does. And love doesn't hurt." Yvette Cade. Her estranged husband doused her with gasoline and lit her on fire. I saw a bit of her on Oprah today while I was at the gym. She's covered in scar tissue, but was just so eloquent. How can you hate someone so much that you would do something like that to them. It's just beyond me.

Spinning the subject wheel. I've spent the evening "straightening" up the apartment. The wall to wall pictures of naked men were hard to take down, but I thougt they might offend Dad's sensibilities. Wall size pictures of naked men? As if. The little rainbow magnet and the HRC magnet are off the fridge. As is the drawing of four shirtless guys standing together over the line: "Friends are family we choose for ourselves." I've removed all of the G and PG rated gay books from the shelf in my office and hidden them in the bottom drawer of one of my dressers. I can't believe Dad would look there and if he does, oh well. None of them have naked men on the cover so if pictures of just regular (though usually very buff) men offend him, there's nothing I can do about that. And I've removed all of the X rated stuff from my bedroom and put them in my own version of a Mommy Box. It's just a couple of small gym bags that I will take down to my storage unit. Dad arrives next week while I'm gone on vacation. So he'll have the run of Chez Treys while I'm gone.

And I spent some quality time on the phone with Mom providing technical support. Oy vey. And I mentioned to her that I was straightening up the condo and she said good. Something along the line of not being "in your face". And I sort of mumbled a response, but inside I was kind of mad at her. I guess she's still kind of in denial and I was hoping that we were further along than that. I guess I'm just mad because I'm fairly certain her definition of not being "in your face" means being closeted and lying. And I just can't do that anymore. And I thought she understood that.


At 8:36 AM, Blogger Vig said...

I was wrong to pressure my friend Memae to give her parents a break. After all, to me, there's nothing more important than family. Now I understand. Whereas her parents won't even meet her partner of 10 years, nor attend family events that they both attend, your parents as well as mine, try to keep open to what's happening in our lives, which gives both of us a chance to take care of each other. There are many that are not so lucky. And that's something to be grateful for, and reason enough to be patient. But that's for me. If there heinous about it, then I wouldn't know how to deal with it. But if there just normal people trying to get along in this world, then the best way to get them to be happy for you, is to be happy with your life yourself. That will bring them around.

At 11:26 PM, Blogger Chris said...

I think the General and Liz might need exposure therapy at a PFLAG meeting. Do they really understand the hurt this is sending your way?

My Dad would be glad to make a visit. I can even ask to have him wear his collar for dramatic effect.


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