Monday, July 24, 2006

Reality Sucks!

Okay, so I'm back from vacation and I've determined that reality sucks. Let's recap:

- Lebanon-Isreal war and our fearless leader is doing nothing.
- Apparently saying that "Waterboarding is Torture and Torture is Wrong" on a blog on a government network, after the Supreme Court said that the US must follow the Geneva Conventions, is grounds for being fired.
- The Republican Party is focused on flag burning ammendments and writing discrimination into the Consitution.
- After six, count them SIX f%$king years, our fearless leader uses his veto for the first time! To stop stem cell research!
- Last week marked the anniversary of the hanging of two young men in Iran for simply being gay.
- Pakistan is re-starting their nuclear program.
- Iraq. Need I say more? And if you want to see something truely disturbing, check this out. Make sure you have your speakers on.

So can I go back to Ptown and pretend this is all happening on another planet, or in a bizarre parallel universe?


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