Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gym Tales & More

Every time I go on vacation, especially if they are gay vacations, I remember what side of the "good looking/in shape" bell curve I really fall on. So I come back and I hit the gym hard. I got up Monday AM and went running, then did back and biceps. Yesterday was chest & triceps, plus some cardio, and today was shoulders and legs. I'll probably just do cardio tomorrow to give myself a day off.

Hopefully the immenent threat (promise) of a trip to Greece and my Med cruise will keep me at the gym and away from full strength Coke. So we'll see.

Tonight at the gym, I kept looking (not staring! but just looking) at this one guy. Okay, here's the deal. We're at the gym. We're working out. We're getting hot and sweaty. And he's got perfect hair. I mean not a single strand out of place. I watch him across the weight lifting floor and I keep thinking. That's just not right. And it's not. It really isn't.

The other person I didn't like (and yes I tend to dislike people with those kind of perfections) is the guy doing the standing butt machine. That machine is for people like me with big fat behinds, not guys with little tiny butts that you could bounce a dime off of. And yes I know that' s probably how he got his ass, but I'm just tired and bitter so let me go with it.

Spinning the subject wheel.

Lance Bass is gay? Yeah, that kind of makes sense. And Mrs. Hitler claims Bill Clinton is gay. Puh-lease. You're just a media whore who will say anything to sell your crappy book. Can you please just go away!

Spinning the subject wheel again:

Toture: Part 1. The CIA contractor has her own, public blog now. And still speaking the truth!
"What can I say? Waterboarding is torture, and torture is wrong." Thank you!

Torture: Part 2. It seems the Bush administration still wants to worm it's way around the Geneva Convention. Apparently we're not calling it torture, we're calling it "Coercive Interrogation Techniques". I can see the military acronym already. "We applied CIT to the EC (enemy combatant) and he then he stopped breathing so we had to apply CPR. NFTR (Nothing Further To Report)"

And just FYI. The CID (Criminal Investigative Divsion) reports of abuse actually use that term. NFTR. I've read some of them and it's not pretty at all.

Oh speaking of the name game. In the locker room at the gym I learned that we're now calling the Iraqis we are killing and capturing members of "death squads." Death squads implies that there are a limited number, while "Insurgents" and "militias" implies that there is a broader, larger force we are battling over there. Well, I'm glad we've cleared that up. Now I know the insurgency must really be in its last death throes (sp?) and we've only got a few death squads to worry about. I feel SO much better now. We'll be out Iraq by Christmas. I know it!


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